Emergency Appeal for the Stranded People in Kurdish Cities under Curfew


Family carrying the body of their daughter in a blanket

Kurdish towns/neighbourhoods in South east Turkey (North Kurdistan) have been subjected to more than 50 round-the-clock curfews for the last 4 months. The government has used tanks, artillery, and helicopter gunships to destroy whole sections of its own cities including Cizîr, Sûr, Silopî, Nisêbîn and Kerboran. According to reports from the human rights organization (IHD) 400 civilians, including many women and children, have been killed and hundreds have been wounded.  Electricity, water and gas are cut off to these cities. As a result of this Turkish military siege people have been denied of very basic life necessities and are unable to get access to food and water.

It is highly difficult to reach the stranded people because of curfews imposed by the Turkish State. Unfortunately, no aid organisation other than Heyva Sor a Kurdistane (Kurdish Red Crescent) has been to these cities.  This is because of Turkish State’s restrictions on NGOs but also because the war conditions and the curfews make it impossible to reach the people hiding in basements (seeking shelter from the artillery attacks and bombs).

Heyva Sor has started an international fundraising campaign to help the stranded people, through the People’s Assemblies formed in these towns – they transfer food & other survival supplies to the thousands stranded in the areas under curfew. To date, Heyva Sor has delivered 328,000€ worth of aid to the area, we need your donations to maintain this support.

Please help us ease the suffering and save lives.

For Mobile Phone Donations of X amount:  Text  CIZR16 £X and send to 700700