Childrens Project


Kurdish Red Moon’s project for children has been in place since 1993. It aims to help orphans and children in poverty whose families are experiencing various forms of social difficulties. The project began as an investigation by one our volunteers, who discovered that in Kurdistan thousands of orphans and other vulnerable children live their lives under risk and fear. To address this problem, various solutions have been processed. The project includes teaching children and adults the purpose of compassion and tenderness; to understand education as a tool to improve the conditions of these children. We believe that children are born good. What creates negativity is poverty, war, and irresponsible governance.

Humans have a basic need for food and clothing. When these needs are met, we feel safer, lead a healthier lifestyle, and respect each person as an individual. When these basic needs are not met, what often happens is children turn away and develop violent behavior, aggression, stress and depression.

Since its launch, the project has helped 270 children in North Kurdistan (southeastern Turkey), 150 children in Southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) and 85 children in Western Kurdistan (northwest Syria).