Emergency Aid Project

projelezginA vital part of Kurdish Red Moon’s work is to provide immediate assistance in war zones and during natural disasters.

To date, following relief efforts have been undertaken;

  • Helping people displaced due to earthquakes in Elaziz-Dep, Cewlik-Kanires, Mus-Gimgim and during the 2006 floods in Amed, Elih, Sirnex and Merdin.
  • In Eastern Kurdistan (western Iran), assistance was provided to families of peace and human rights activists.
  • A helping hand was extended to villagers in Qandil, Southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq) that were bombed by Turkish air forces.
  • Families in the village Piyanis (Turkey), bombed by Turkish forces on 16 September 2010, were assisted.
  • Through the Red Cross and UNICEF, aid was given to victims of natural disasters around the world ( the 2004 tsunami, the earthquake in Haiti).
  • The families of Roboski (Sirnak), massacred at the end of 2011 by Turkish warplanes, were supported.
  • Ramadan and the Festival of Sacrifice (Eid al-Adha) donations were forwarded to needy people in Kurdistan.
  • In the cities Colemerg, Amed and Wan, 80 tons of food packages were distributed to needy people.
  • Hundreds tons of donated clothing was sent to various places in Kurdistan.
  • After the earthquake of 23 October 2011 in the city of Wan, Kurdish aid organisations in Germany, UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Sweden, Austria and Denmark jointly launched an aid campaign. Together, 1.3 million euros and 150 tons of clothes and blankets were collected.
  • The aid was used mainly for health, food and accommodation purposes. Financial aid was also made. Unfourentaly, only 6 lorries (3 from Germany, 3 from Switzerland) full of clothing and blankets could be sent. The remaining could not be sent because the Turkish government, issuing a decree, prevented it. The rest of these clothes were sold and instead financial aid was made to the earthquake victims. In addition, 190 tents and more electrical heaters were sent from Switzerland. From Germany, of 269 winter tents were sent to Wan. Also 10 field experts were deployed.
  • The Peace Mothers group in Turkey, who are under constant pressure from authorities, are assisted on a regular basis.